Most toddlers love to sing and dance, especially to show off in front of parents or friends! Sometimes, you might find yourself playing the same songs for your toddler over and over again, and they can become bored – not to mention yourself. Here, we have some ideas on how to make music fun for your toddler again. 

Learning to play Music Can Be Fun for Kids

Let them play an instrument of their choice. There are loads of great sets of different types of toddler pianos, which include musical instruments for kids ranging from 1 years old to 3 years old. There are bags containing a few small percussion instruments, toy piano keyboards, acoustic and electric drum kits and small guitars and ukuleles to name but a few. Start with some cheaper instruments, so it won’t matter if your child isn’t interested or gets a bit rough and damages them. You’ll probably find that your child loves making music, especially if you join in with them. 

There are even musical instrument toys available for use in the bath. These are great for both making bathtime more fun, and increasing your child’s interest in music. Try something like bath whistles or flutes, which can be filled with water to change the pitch. Some even come with color coded music cards so children (and parents!) can have fun learning how to play popular nursery rhymes. 

For slightly older toddlers, why not try a dance class? There is sure to be something in the local area for children aged 2-3 years and above. This is great way to get kids moving, as well as being a great confidence builder. Alternatively, for younger children look for a singing class or similar. This is a great way to get babies used to hearing music and seeing people do actions to songs from an early age, which is sure to help them get interested in music as they grow.