If you are a gamer, you will probably be aware that a gaming laptop needs some very specific features. These features include portability, a CPU, GPU as well as plenty of memory. It is a known fact that these components are some of the most expensive features in a laptop. And so finding a gaming laptop that has great features and is cost effective can be quite a challenge.

Features needed in a good gaming laptop.

Contrary to beliefs, there are many gaming laptops for 1k and around that amount. One just has to take care to make the right selection. Here are a few pointers, that one must look out for when choosing a cost effective gaming laptop.

Bulky size and weight: This is a compromise you must make if you are looking for a good gaming laptop which is cheap as well. Unless you are ready to settle for a desktop which is the cheapest and best option for gaming.

Screen Size: A bigger screen size with higher resolution comes for a higher price as well. However, they tend to affect the hardware, so you can very well compromise on these feature in your gaming laptop.

Battery: A gaming laptop has a high battery consumption. Always make sure your laptop has a good quality battery.

Heating: This is a problem that is faced by almost all laptops including the most expensive ones. If you are considering a cheap laptop, overheating could cause damage to the hardware. One must use the laptop only for a limited amount of time which could be helpful.

RAM: Looking for increased internal memory along with a low cost is a tough choice. But one must not settle for a gaming laptop with internal memory that is lesser than 8GB.

GPU: The graphics processing unit is a gaming laptop is one of its most expensive features. If you want a gaming laptop that is pocket-friendly, go through the options that provide the best GPU that suits your budget.…