Most of the dog owners love to have their dogs spreading happiness around them but not the hairy remains and paw prints on their furniture. Dogs are innocent and they just do not know that their jumping on the furniture is not liked by humans. Similarly, they scratch furnishing as a reflexive, natural instinct but we do not like it as our furnishing is expensive and of course, who would like to have their smell on the upholstery?

So, what can be the remedy for this pet peeve?

There are many ways to keep the dogs off the furniture. Some of these are:

  1. Provide a comfy substitute. Before you push the dog away, keep a cosy dog bed in your dog’s favourite area of the house. The place reserved for him may be cold or unpleasant. So, it is a good idea to choose one of the Best Heated Dog Beds. He will be so comfortable there that he may not want to climb the fittings at all.
  2. Start training the dog from the beginning. He should know his bed and his area where he is allowed to relax and sleep.
  3. Train him again if he refuses to follow the initial training and disobeys you now. Teach him to retrieve an object and go to his bed.
  4. Try to avoid eating on the sofas and couches or beds. Your dog tries to climb the fittings as he can smell food and expects to find crumbs there.
  5. Buy a deterrent device like a pad that makes an unpleasant noise, whenever he tries to climb the bed.
  6. Block access to the furnishing. This can also be done by spraying some natural strong smelling liquids and readymade sprays available in the market.
  7. There are other deterrents like a double sided tape, aluminium foil or something like a booby trap that he will associate with the furnishing and will not approach it again.

Catch him in the act and gently teach him not to climb the sofa. It takestime, but he will learn to obey your command. The most important aspect is to use positive and soft tones and being gentle with your pet. You should not be cruel as it may traumatize him.…