Picking boots can be difficult and I always have trouble finding best hiking boots for wide feet. Wide feet have a completely unique set of requirements from hiking shoes. If the shoe is too narrow or too loose, not only will hiking be impossible, the feet will be injured.

The right shoe will prevent blisters from forming. The feet will scar permanently when uncomfortable shoes are worn on uneven ground. The feet play a very important role when walking on steep slopes. They help balance out the body and fighting against gravity. It is the hiking boots that provide this balance to the whole body.

Widely spaced lugs will offer more traction. They also help in shedding off the mud easily. Shoes compatible with the wide feet help to provide a safe journey on the mountains.

The first thing you have to do is measure your feet properly. You can also double check by pulling the insole of the shoes out and measuring them. The trick is that there should be a thumb’s amount of space that should exist between the longest toe to the end of the insole.

Before trying out the shoes, ensure that you wear socks first. That will give you the correct measurement because you are not likely to go on a hike without a thick pair of socks.

Having wide feet only makes finding the right pair of shoes harder, not impossible. The market is wide open and there are shoes to fit every size. Find the shoe that makes your feet feel supported and secure. That is the key to a joyful hike.

Another wise act, especially for those with wide feet, is to spend enough time in the boots before wearing them to the trek. Brand new shoes on a treacherous road are not a good idea. Break into the shoes well in time before you set out on your journey.…